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Materials section: satin crystal Today we inaugurate the Euro Bathroom section of materials, and as the Prince material that we have always loved and want to recommend to our customers is Satin glass. Glass is an Eternal Material with Extraordinary physical, mechanical and technological characteristics that we want to promote because we consider it one of the noblest and highest quality materials to be used as a washbasin. The extra-clear glass sheets are subjected to a casting process in molds that gives the desired shape of the sink. Finally, the upper part is sandblasted with a special mixture that has been studied and improved over time to abrade the surface. The sandblasted piece is annealed again; this action gives a closure of the porosity of the glass and the wonderful velvety tactile effect. The frosted glass is the new finish that dresses the glass tops intended for an exclusive bathroom furniture, which hides the limestone stains typical of the water. It is made in all colors. Satin glass is the TOP quality material that we recommend as an integrated washbasin.



Domus3D the professional design software for Resellers, Architects and Designers. The furniture configurator with a Euro Bagno models database drives you to virtual navigation inside your project with professional and incredible photorealistic renderings. With Domus3Dby Maticad and EuroBagno the bathrooms of your dreams becomes real.

Euro Bagno Details


Passion for details is in our DNA. Creating, improving, viewing, and re-viewing everything to get a perfect product , is our way of conceiving Euro Bagno models.

Bronze passion


Bronze as a centrality in the latest trend furnishings. We have been inspired from this "must" of the 70s to cover our furniture with bronzed mirrors, which give an austere and absolute elegance to the bathroom. The search for the bronze-colored lacquered chromantic nouance was our inspiring muse, to create a "bronze" world , where the iridescent metallic reflections are combined with wood, ceramic, and finally the bronze-colored crystal that shines in the light with its iridescent dance .